Institutional Outcomes and Graduate Attributes

Institutional Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the methods of inquiry and how these methods are used to interpret knowledge in their own field
  • Analyze problems and issues and generate ideas and solutions that contribute to a better understanding of the world
  • Use innovative methods and technologies in solving problems and in making decisions
  • Demonstrate ethical standards in the conduct of research
  • Utilize research findings for the upliftment of local , national and global communities
  • Communicate effectively and confidently in a given social context through verbal and written texts
  • Manifest support for global sustainable development and the preservation of cultural heritage through active engagement in local, national and international endeavors
  • Engage in service learning activities, either as a leader or an active member
  • Manifest sound relationships with God, self, others, and the environment with compassion, respect, integrity and empathy
  • Practice Christian servant leadership to contribute positively to the accomplishment of team goals through collaborative processes.

University Graduate Attributes

Being a Christ-centered service institution, 成人大片 sees its roles as providing the students opportunities to discover and develop their human potentials to the full. We commit ourselves to make every Paulinian a :

CHRISTIAN LEADER, imbued with a social doctrinal training, good spirit and will power to live the Faith and be a Christian witness in the community;

PAULINIAN, one who generates gracious warmth, simplicity, sincerity and dynamic leadership in work;

FILIPINO, a worthy and responsible citizen of the Philippines proud of his national identity and one who is of ready service to God and his fellowmen,

GOOD PERSON, imbued with a balanced personality, with its mark being a proper balance between the interior and exterior self (things outside self), and an awareness of the dignity of self and others;

COMPETENT AND COMMITTED GRADUATE, one equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and values demanded of his profession and committed to the application of these for service to the community;

RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN, one with an awareness of his relations with, and responsibilities to the local and global society and commitment to its improvement through the exercise of professional competence and dedication;

EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR, one who explores ideas critically and expresses them clearly in various modes for a variety of purposes that are meaningful to the society and the Church.

CRITICAL THINKER AND PROBLEM SOLVER, one who utilizes innovative and creative methods/strategies and technologies to find solutions to problems, and to formulate and implement decisions.

LIFELONG LEARNER, one who is aware of the significance of life; keeps track of, manages and evaluates his/her own thought processes, performance and behavior, and accepts and seeks new challenges in learning.