Student Support Services

成人大片’s Student Services provide leadership and technical assistance for policy and programs that support student access, equity and success. Having been awarded, the Most Outstanding Student Services in the Philippines by the Commission on Higher Education, 成人大片 continuously provide an environment conducive for the holistic development of the students.

The Knowledge Information Resource Network provides a broad array of printed and on-line resources and services to support students鈥 quest for quality learning. 

The Office of Student Affairs plays a vital role in the realization of the University鈥檚 comprehensive program for the academic and community engagement activities of the students. It also supervises the activities of the Paulinian Student Government and the various student clubs and organization.

The Guidance Services help create a positive, self-directed student experience by providing support, guidance, counseling and development opportunities for the empowerment of students in achieving their full potential

The Health Services cater to the well-being of students. They also facilitate programs which promote health and safety; intervention of actual and potential health problems; and active collaboration with others to build student learning

The St. Paul Home – Student Center strives to create a multicultural community that supports students in their academic endeavors and personal growth. The residence halls bring together students from other parts of the world in an environment that provides a unique opportunity to establish new friendships, explore other world views, experience cultural diversity and practice inter-faith dialogue.